Robin North Photography

My name is Robin North Sr. a visual artist, with a special interest in the relationship between photography and history, social change, racial and ethnic divides, identity politics, public discourse and human rights. I am currently a Fine Art’s student at the University of Houston with a focus on Photography & Digital Media.

My life experiences within my former business executive and small business environment, travel, and education created a consciousness that was centered on racial, religious, ethnic and economic divides that changed my focus on my artistic purpose.

I engage in public discourse on race and issues related to the African Diaspora. Using art, I explore the political, cultural, social, economic, artistic, and intellectual processes of people of African descent, and the personal and public forces that shape their experiences.

I see art as the facilitator to transcend individuals and communities. I regard art as an information exchange between my art and the viewers. In this sense, I can give my audience transcendent access to power and the means to change communities and thereby the world.